JB O'Brien's Irish Pub & Sports Bar interior

J.B. O’Brien’s Pub & Sports Bar

A neighborhood gathering place

Co-owner John Howard is a down-to-earth guy with a love for pubs. He keeps 4 to 5 amazing IPAs on tap at all times, and an enormous selection of drinks. Try the Bloody Mary. Really.

John says, “It is a true public house. Anyone can come in and feel comfortable. My kitchen manager and his wife are from Mexico, so all the Mexican food is made right here, although I never thought I’d sell Mexican food. My philosophy is to keep it small and keep it friendly. Our focus is food and conversation. We’re a pub. People come to eat and have a drink.”

21 & Over Only

Like all good Irish Pubs, the place has a ton of memorabilia on the walls and extra rooms with standing bars and video poker. No live music – the place gets plenty loud depending on how the games are doing. This is a real Local Irish Pub — not Applebees. It’s beat up. It’s dark, even in the daylight. Need something? If the staff looks preoccupied, just wave ‘em down or — better yet — raise your glass.

Irish + Mexican + American

Everything is made from scratch, and the pub menu varies. You’ll find J.B.’s riffs on of Corned Beef & Cabbage, Irish Stew and Shepherds Pie. There’s authentic Mexican food, thanks to the chef and his wife who love to cook. J.B.’s has Steaks, Chicken, messy Burgers, big Salads. Explore — you’ll find your favorites.

John says, “There’s a good crowd of people who come in regularly at the same time every week – especially during Happy Hour – to sit at “their” table and place orders with “their” server — we have 27 items on there so it’s a popular deal.”a