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J.B. O’Brien’s Irish Pub Review

O’Brien’s? More like O’YEAHH!!

This was a great place to stop with my exhausted, hungry fam. (We’re all 21+) Their sandwiches and burgers looked amazing, but I picked a teriyaki rice bowl because my body was desperate for some veggies. I was a bit nervous, because it seemed like a random element to their menu. I was pleasantly surprised! The chicken was cooked perfectly.. And they even put the sauce on the side. Upon his first bite, my father excitedly proclaimed “This is the best Reuben I’ve ever had!” Sis said, “Whenever Shepard’s Pie is on the menu, it chooses me.” She loved her meal as well. The portions here are LARGE. We left with five smiles and five boxes. Luckily, our hotel across the street has a microwave and a fridge. #LeftoverParty the service was great, and the bill was about 60 bucks! Not bad for a family of five. Head on ovah! You won’t be disappointed. — Kate H.

Thanks Kate + Trip Advisor!